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2023 DNA Day at the FamilySearch Library
9:00 AM MST – DNA Basics: An Introduction to DNA and Genealogy (Beginner) – Have you heard your friends and fellow genealogists enthuse about DNA but don't know what it's all about? Wondering if a DNA test is right for you? Come learn about DNA, why it's valuable, which tests you can take, and how it might be helpful in your genealogy research.
10:15 AM MST – Why Oh Why Do Your Y-DNA? (Advanced) – Have you ever heard of a Y-DNA test or wondered if you should take one? This class will discuss the value of Y-DNA, who can take a Y-DNA test, and where to purchase a test. It will also discuss the different levels of testing (37, 111, and Big-Y), haplogroups, SNPs, STRs, and above all how to solve genealogical problems.
11:30 AM MST – Getting Started with atDNA Part 1: Clustering (45 minutes) (Intermediate) – The process of clustering or grouping your DNA matches into genetic networks is an essential part of using DNA for genealogy research. This class will introduce the concept of clustering and walk you through the process of grouping your own DNA matches.
1:00 PM MST – Getting Started with atDNA Part 2: Determining Relationships (45 minutes) (Intermediate) – Your DNA matches are probably your relatives. But a DNA test only suggests a relationship exists. This class will walk you through the process of determining the common ancestor between you and a DNA match or among a cluster of DNA matches.
2:00 PM MST – Double Trouble: Using DNA to Solve Two Generations of Adoptions (45 minutes) (Beginner) – Come see how DNA and traditional genealogical research were used to solve a case with two generations of adoptions.
3:00 PM MST – Finding an Unknown Father Using DNA: A Case Study (45 minutes) (Beginner) – Come see how DNA and genealogical research were used to identify an unknown father.

Apr 25, 2023 09:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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